Who We Are

My name is Toby Von Schneidau. I started my property journey at age 20, working on a salary of just £12,000 a year. 7 years later and I have sold over £250,000,000 worth of real estate between the UK and the Middle East. I have also set up a new build estate agency and built a 7 figure property portfolio. 

Over those years I have gained invaluable knowledge from millionaires, billionaires and everyone in-between. I put together a blueprint from my learnings, to which I follow for each property I purchase. Using this blueprint I helped my friends with their property purchases, saving them tens of thousands of pounds. It was after helping numerous friends that I decided to set up a training company. 

This blueprint has now been broken down into various courses, giving you the opportunity to learn first hand how to save thousands of pounds on your next property purchase.

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